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  • breakfast burritos

    breakfast burritos


    (Hot or Mild)


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    chorizo & Eggs


    A hefty combination of chorizo sausage and eggs.

    ham & eggs


    The Burrito Express ham and egg burrito classic.

    bacon & eggs


    Every breakfast should involve bacon and this breakfast burrito definitely does.

    potato & Eggs


    Classic potato and eggs breakfast burrito.

    green chili & eggs


    The green chili and eggs breakfast burrito. This adds the "good" to good morning.

    red chili & eggs


    Red chili and eggs breakfast burrito. Muy Bueno!

    steak & eggs


    Steak and egg breakfast burrito made with potatoes, tomatoes and onions

    breakfast supreme


    You better be awake for this one. Made with bacon, ham, potato and cheese

  • our burritos

    our BurritoS

    bean & Cheese


    Steak, Bean and Cheese Burrito.

    Red chili burrito


    Red chili burrito. Es Bueno!

    green chili burrito


    Delicious green chili burrito.

    three way burrito


    Red and green chili burrito with beans.

    steak, bean, cheese


    Steak, Bean and Cheese Burrito.

    steak, potato, cheese


    The Burrito Express Best Seller! Large and in charge burrito packed with steak, potatoes and cheese

    steak & Salsa


    Steak and salsa burrito with a squeeze of fresh lemon this one has you coming back for more...

    Burrito supreme


    Made with your choice of chicken or shredded beef, beans, potato, tomato, onion and cheese

    Chicken, potato & Cheese


    A crowd favorite for those who are hungry.

    make it a combo


    Make any burrito a combination by adding rice and beans.

    enchilada style


    Go Enchilada style on your burrito by adding red or green sauce over the top.

    chimi style


    Make it Chimi Style! Deep fried with sour cream & guacamole.

  • tacos

    our tacos

    hard taco


    Your choice of Beef or Chicken

    soft taco


    Choose between Beef or Chicken

    3 rolled tacos with sour cream


    Shredded Beef in 3 rolled tacos with sour cream.

    3 rolled tacos with guacamole


    Shredded Beef in 3 rolled tacos with guacamole.

  • specials

    cheese crisps

    cheese crisp


    Cheese Crisp, tortilla and cheese

    nachos plain


    Plain nachos with chips and cheese sauce.

    Add any meat


    Chicken, Shredded beef or steak

  • Side orders

    side orders



    sour cream








  • drinks


    small 2o0z Drink


    bottled water


    Medium 320z Drink


    large 440z Drink


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